Toque manual de campanas en St John’s Co-Cathedral


Title Instant a peal
Date 25-06-2007
Class fiesta mayor
Remarks In this recording the following bells may be heard ringing Si2, and Sol2.
The twin belfries of St. John’s Co Cathedral in Valletta contain 12 bells; 7 in the North belfry and 5 in the south. The two largest bells hang in the centre of each belfry and weigh 4.5 and 7 tons respectively the latter ‘The Great Bell’ hanging in the South belfry and previously the largest bell in Malta. It remains todate the largest surviving bell ever to be cast in the Island. Both huge bells were cast in Malta by bellfounder Aloisius Bouchut between 1747-8. The other bells were all cast in Malta too between 1619 and 1703 by various founders of the Order of St. John. Commencing with the smallest bell the musical scale is as follows: Do4, La3, Mi3, Re3, Do3, Si2, La2 and Sol2. The Clock bells at the top of the southwest belfry were cast in 1619 and their musical notes are La3, Sol3 and Do diesis 3. The smallest and signal bell in the North belfry was cast in Malta in 165? however it is cracked and effectively toneless.

Interessant tècnica de moure grans batalls baix de la campana.
Vídeo molt interessant, malgrat la baixa qualitat sonora.