The Friends of Malta Association was set up in February 2004 and was officially presented on 18th March of that same year to coincide with the conference given by the President of the Republic of Malta, H.E. Professor Guido de Marco, on Saint Thomas More, at the Fine Arts Museum of Valencia.


It was set up in response to the interest of a group of people, many of whom have links with this Mediterranean island through family roots, in order to establish and promote links and relations, especially cultural ones, between the peoples of Malta and Spain.

As a cultural association spread throughout Spanish territory, it has been entered in the National Register of Associations of the Interior Ministry. It is recorded as number 171899 of group 1º, section 1ª dated 1st May 2004

In accordance with its Statutes, the aims of the Association are:

  •  To contribute to strengthening the ties of understanding and friendship between the peoples of Spain and Malta.
  • To promote international collaboration among citizens who believe that the Mediterranean should be a physical, political and culturally free framework maintaining its historically important role within a united and democratic Europe.
  • To contribute to the study and knowledge of the history, culture and way of life in the Maltese territory, particularly as far as current and historical relations with the Kingdom of Spain are concerned.
  • To spread and positively promote, within the Field of the European Union, the values, traditions, riches and official languages of the territories of the Republic of Malta and the Kingdom of Spain, and to contribute to their teaching and learning.
  • To serve as a meeting point for all those people or institutions that, for whatever reason, feel themselves to be “friends of Malta”.


To effectively fulfil these aims and, in particular, those of serving as a meeting point between all those who feel themselves to be “Friends of Malta” and to maintain those friendly relationships more effectively and efficiently, we are presenting this Web Site of the Friends of Malta Association that will provide a communications link between all of us and an information link for any interested person.

This page, which will grow with everyone’s contributions, at the moment carries only the minimum information on the Association: who we are, what we wish to do and what we are working on.

Of particular interest will be the dossiers with documentary material on facts and activities that, through the mechanisms of digital information exchange, can be received and the administration of relations between the future members and a series of Links that we believe to be of interest, and on which we will always be open to suggestions.

With these aims that we have proposed for the Friends of Malta Association, we warmly welcome you to this web site.